The Anticimex SMART Digital Rodent Control System helps keep homes and businesses rat and mice free by constantly monitoring your property.  


You no longer need to worry about rats or mice running around the property with the Anticimex SMART Digital Rodent Control for either your home or business.

No More Mouse Trap Cleanups 

We have come a long way from traditional mouse traps and various other products to get rid of pests. Now, digital solutions are available to keep mice and rats out of your property for good in an environmentally friendly and humane way. This new technology, known as Anticimex SMART, uses innovative digital traps and sensors to control and monitor rodent activity so your property will remain pest-free. 

Traditional Pest Control vs. Smart Pest Control 

According to the Atlantic, the Patent and Trademark Office in the United States has issued over 4,400 patents for mouse traps, making them the most frequently invented device in U.S. history. Fortunately, Anticimex SMART technology was developed and is now available in the U.S. This game-changing solution includes non-toxic, non-invasive, and hands-free monitoring. 

While traditional pest control solutions work well, there can be some inherent limitations to these systems. With the new Anticimex SMART intelligent pest control technology, the system continuously monitors an area remotely and transmits the data to our local office. When it detects activity, it provides the date and time it occurred. This system uses algorithms to predict infestations before they occur based on-trend curves. Anticimex SMART also uses unique traps to remove rodents from sewers, a common entry point for rodents. These traps are non-toxic and built for the sewer system.  

Anticimex SMART Eco-Friendly Rodent Control for Your Home or Business

Anticimex SMART Pest Control is a strategic pest control system that monitors activity, predicting and preventing costly infestation in an environmentally friendly way. Are you looking for a hassle-free pest control program that handles all the work? Then Anticimex SMART is your solution! Anticimex SMART is a scalable solution that can be implemented in a home or commercial setting, using technology to improve detection of pests to root out problems as they are occurring instead of waiting until the infestation is so large it’s noticeable. This use of technology helps reduce the number of preventive rodenticide measures taken which means less chemicals used overall.

How Anticimex SMART Protects Your Home or Business from Rodents and Other Pests 

Anticimex SMART is an environmentally friendly, technologically advanced pest control system that constantly watches out for mice activity and is unlike anything on the market today. The system operates 24/7, 365 days a year, to provide you with peace of mind knowing your home or business is rodent-free. SMART Connect is the "heart of the network" and communicates with the installations to deliver key information to a SMART reporting system. SMART Connect communicates through GSM (Global Standard Network for mobile communication).

Successful Pest Control Starts with SMART

Anticimex SMART's success is the flexibility we have to customize a system based on our detailed site assessment that happens prior to installation. Based on our inspection, we then design a plan customized for your potential pest problems. We use different types of technology to monitor for pests, and we connect it to our systems, enabling us to monitor your site 24 hours a day, 356 days a year remotely. We're always watching so we know when you need us! Our Technicians are ready to schedule a visit whenever we detect a potential problem.

Smart Eye

Smart Eye is the sensor used to detect and report movement. Because of its small size, it can be placed in the tiny opening’s rodents can possibly enter through.

Smart Catch

Smart Catch is a single-catch unit placed above ground to detect and trap rodents.

Smart Box

Smart Box is a multi-catch unit placed above ground to detect and trap multiple rodents.

Smart Connect

Smart Connect is the “heart of the network” and communicates with the installations to deliver key information to a SMART reporting system.

Smart Sense Cockroach & Moth

Smart Sense can detect both cockroaches and moths by monitoring temperature changes and attracting insects with non-toxic pheromones. The bugs are trapped on a glue board and the activity is automatically reported to our local office.

Smart Pipe & Smart Pipe 3

Smart Pipe is installed in main sewer systems onto metal sewer pipes that connect buildings to the main sewer. Smart Pipe 3 is installed onto metal sewer pipes connecting buildings directly to the main sewer.

Smart Connect Minis

The Smart Connect Mini communicates wirelessly via a mesh network (WITHOUT the use of your home Wi-fi or cameras) to our offices, sending information regarding mouse activity and catches. The SMART system can connect up to 200 devices throughout a home.

Smart Eye Minis

Waterproof and dust proof Smart Eye Mini sensors are devices that can be placed on walls, on a bait box, in attics, under sinks, in crawlspaces, anywhere that fits your home’s needs. They are capable of detecting mice up to 6.5 feet away. With three sensor settings: “on a bait-box,” “short-range” or “long-range” they provide reliable data ensuring your home stays pest-free.

Smart Snap Minis

The Smart Snap Mini can be placed in wet, humid, and/or dusty environments. It is activated when a mouse has been caught and it reports the catch to our local office. The Smart Snap Mini also detects when mice are walking through the tunnel without going into the trap, documenting all your rodent activity. It is equipped with a temperature sensor and has a 5-year battery life.