Anticimex executes acquisition in digital pest control

January 28, 2015

  • Anticimex is acquiring 20 percent of WiseCon A/S
  • WiseCon is a world-leading specialist in the development of advanced electronic rat traps and monitoring systems
  • The acquisition is an element in the Anticimex strategy to pioneer the shift towards digital pest control

The acquisition is a strategic element in the Anticimex commitment to digital pest control solutions. Digital pest control suits many businesses for which an occurrence of rodent pests can have a critical impact as well as areas where rodents can cause inconvenience. The solution is already use in parks, sewerage systems, warehouses and private residences, and enables information to be managed round the clock via a central monitoring system. This ensures that problems can be detected more quickly and that corrective actions can be targeted very precisely, with minimal use of rat poisons.

“Anticimex is at the forefront of digital pest control. We’ve enjoyed a lengthy collaboration with WiseCon, which has the best expertise in the world regarding the development of products for digital pest control. This investment will enable Anticimex to offer the best solutions in electronic rat traps and monitoring systems and to develop other unique digital offers in a wide range of pest control applications for our global market”, says Olof Sand, President and CEO of Anticimex.

“In our view, digital control of rodent pests is one of the most significant changes in the industry since the introduction of traditional rat poisons. Digital solutions allow us to improve communication, documentation and preventive protection for our customers but above all they’re environmentally friendly”, says Bo Petersen, VP Central Europe.


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